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With Alokin’s wide range of experience in eCommerce, UI/UX, Systems & Cloud Architecture, and Product Design/Development, we can help scale your operations - be it a startup or a new business unit.

Our success in business is based on a deep understanding and practice of foundational mindsets:

  • Lean thinking: A planning and execution mindset that balances long-term strategy and short-term tactics, with the efficient and effective use of resources.
  • Design thinking: A product design mindset that balances the three axes of technical feasibility, design desirability/user experience, and commercial viability.
  • Systems thinking: A development mindset that considers the environment and context in which the product is used, how product increments are developed and how product value is perceived. It also incorporates how functionality is delivered to customers, and derives the order of execution of increments, and the parameters for each increment.

To build a product, our highly skilled team collectively collaborates with subject matter experts, business owners and the customer team, with some guiding principles to take the best action based on the unfolding situation.

A combination of diverse perspectives challenges the way we think about the product, the methodologies for development, and learn from low cost experiments.

With this experience and expertise in working with startups and product development help us to understand the challenges faced by startups. Our overall process involves:

  • Identifying - Through analysis of market trends, we understand potential challenges and risks and deliver reports on them.
  • Guiding - With objective advice and valuable insights, we guide entrepreneurs and team members in setting goals to take their ventures to the path of success.
  • Development - Execute strategic and tactical plans to maximize impact and speed of delivery. Further, relase the value of the product to customers.

In addition to the above broad areas, we offer specialized support and services to startups:

  • Analyzing your business plan: While analysing business plans, we review forecasts and the roadmap to capture the total addressable market. We create reports on the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of your product and organization structure.
  • Create organization & team structure: We aid in shaping a lean enterprise, including engineering and product development, operations. Moreover, we provide consulting on building a digital marketing strategy.
  • HR processes: High-performing teams are essential for the rapid development and release of value. HR teams need to be highly aware of required capabilities, establishing core shared values, and support the product/engineering organization in planning.
  • Product design: Working with business owners, UI/UX designers, product management, we help design products and services, establish a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) keeping in mind the usability, feasibility and viability of the solution.
  • Product development: In addition to assisting in preparing product development plans, we also provide software R&D services to spin up Agile teams, build prototypes, analyse development workflows, etc.

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