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Are you looking for technical resources for your product or seeking customized solutions for product development?

Our software development outsourcing services offer a versatile range of approaches to accommodate diverse business needs. Whether you require quick access to specific skills or have a well-defined project with detailed requirements.

  • Two-pronged Approach: We have two distinct models to cater to your unique requirements:
    1. Skills Marketplace: Our skills marketplace operates as a dynamic talent pool, providing companies with access to a diverse range of developers for fixed periods. Ideal for short-term projects or specific feature updates, this approach allows businesses to hire expertise on demand. Clients can tap into various experience levels and fill skill gaps within their in-house teams seamlessly.
    2. Tailored Delivery: For well-defined projects with detailed requirements, our tailored delivery approach is the perfect fit. Clients provide comprehensive specifications, including timeframes and budgets, and our outsourcing team builds the product accordingly. While ensuring timely delivery of the final product is essential, flexibility plays a crucial role in this model. Both the client and the outsourcing team continuously evaluate and adapt to evolving needs throughout the development process.

  • Choosing the Right Model: The choice between the skills marketplace and tailored delivery depends on the nature and complexity of your project. The skills marketplace is ideal for quick needs, offering flexibility and quick access to expertise. On the other hand, tailored delivery caters to more intricate, long-term endeavors, providing a structured approach for well-defined projects.

  • Key Ingredients for Success: Regardless of the chosen model, clear communication, adaptability, and open collaboration are crucial for a successful outsourced development journey. Keeping these key ingredients in mind ensures a smooth and effective collaboration between your team and our outsourcing services, leading to successful project outcomes.

How Is Product Engineering Different from Outsourcing Software Development?

Product engineering involves a continuous and collaborative effort where team members actively engage with various departments, such as marketing and business, to define features. This includes close collaboration with designers to create product designs. The focus is not merely on reaching a predetermined scope but on delivering a market-ready product that functions optimally for customers.

On the other hand, in outsourcing software development, the emphasis is on the specific scope outlined by the client. Whether building to predefined specifications or providing staff augmentation, the management of resources in outsourced development is typically the responsibility of the client, with Alokin concentrating on executing the development tasks within the specified parameters.

To conclude, our software development outsourcing services present a tailored and flexible approach to meet your specific project requirements. Whether you opt for the dynamic skills marketplace or the structured tailored delivery model, our commitment to clear communication and adaptability remains unwavering. As you venture forth on your development journey, remember that success hinges on collaborative efforts and a keen focus on evolving needs. Contact us today to explore how our diverse outsourcing solutions can elevate your projects to new heights. Your success is our priority.

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Our core competency lies in developing customized solutions for web, mobile and desktop. We restrict ourselves to specific systems with general applicability; thus we have gained competence and are able to provide clear and cost effective solutions for a wide range of problems faced by customers. Some of the core technologies we specialize in include:

Postgre sql Django Wagtail AWS Android Vue Golang Docker Kubernetes Objective-c Swift Python
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