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The Challenge

The client faced inconsistencies in dealership displays and representations of their motorcycles. They required strict adherence to guidelines regarding signage, space allocation, and visual elements. However, manual verification by salespeople visiting different locations proved to be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Our Solution

We collaboratively developed a cutting-edge field application, combining streamlined verification, seamless backend management, and offline functionality. This innovative solution improves brand verification, empowers sales teams, ensures consistency, and fosters a responsive compliance network in the automotive industry.

  • Collaborative development: Spearheading the creation of a robust field application across iPad, iPhone, and Android, we empowered streamlined brand verification through intuitive mobile technology.

  • Streamlined verification process: By integrating a structured questionnaire, the field application transformed dealership verification into a consistent and accurate, salesperson-powered process.

  • Seamless backend management: A robust backend seamlessly orchestrated the verification process, from question management to data uploads, for smooth and efficient compliance monitoring.

  • Offline functionality for enhanced flexibility: Equipped for offline data collection, the application empowered salespeople to seamlessly submit, update, and correct information upon connectivity, guaranteeing real-time brand compliance from anywhere.

Business Impact

Our solution boosts brand verification, enhancing data efficiency, streamlining operations, and ensuring brand consistency across a responsive dealership network. Explore the profound impact of our innovations in conquering connectivity challenges.

  • Enhanced efficiency in data handling: By streamlining data collection and management, the technical solution slashed verification time and effort for the client.

  • Overall compliance process enhancement: The app's offline prowess conquered connectivity hurdles, enabling seamless data collection and a constantly responsive verification process, even in remote areas.

  • Agile and responsive dealership network: By powering a dealer network through an agile verification system, the technical solution ensured consistent brand representation across the client’s footprint.

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