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The Challenge

Traditional self-storage processes were cumbersome, requiring in-person interactions and limited payment options. Tenants faced inconveniences, such as inconvenient office hours, manual paperwork, and a lack of self-service functionalities.

Our Solution

Tenant Interface Project was a comprehensive software and hardware initiative to enhance the self-storage experience. This involved:

  • Self-service renting and payments: Users gained instant access to find and rent additional spaces, along with streamlined bill payments through a user-friendly interface.

  • Interactive property map: A kiosk-accessible touchscreen map empowered tenants to navigate the facility and locate their units independently.

  • Self-service kiosk: A large-screen kiosk with night mode, card reader, and license scanner allowed tenants to complete rental formalities, including document signing, without needing staff assistance.

Business Impact

Tenant Interface Project transformed the user experience, resulting in:

  • Enhanced customer convenience: User-friendly self-service options enable 24/7 remote storage management, eliminating office hour constraints, and attracting clients seeking hassle-free solutions.

  • Operational efficiency: Implementing self-service kiosks and a robust API has streamlined operations, and automated tasks, reducing staff workload, optimizing efficiency, and contributing to cost savings for seamless business operations.

  • Cost-effective solutions and competitive edge: Tech solutions, including self-service kiosks and digital transactions, cut costs, minimize errors, and provide a competitive edge, providing efficient, accessible, and cost-effective storage solutions.

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Our Major


Our core competency lies in developing customized solutions for web, mobile and desktop. We restrict ourselves to specific systems with general applicability; thus we have gained competence and are able to provide clear and cost effective solutions for a wide range of problems faced by customers. Some of the core technologies we specialize in include:

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