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Alokin is a Thiruvananthapuram Technopark based company. We develop products for the real estate domain. We are creating the next generation of technology cloud based products for the real estate domain. Our portfolio includes the leading search engine and distribution engine for our domain. We are building a team of intelligent and capable engineers, architects and technical leaders to deliver at a high quality in a timely manner.

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The Job

The candidate will be responsible for the entire delivery of a product, with the input of Product Managers, Design, etc. The candidate will need to maintain all project plans, ensure compliance to feature set and time frame, remove roadblocks for Dev teams, bring clarity to product requirements, collaborate with stakeholders, and bring to light any risks in delivery.

  • Working Hours (IST) : 10:00 am - 01:00 pm; 09:00 pm - 02:00 am (shoulder time)
  • Prepare documentation and execute the handover procedures to ensure that Maintenance, Onboarding, Customer Support and Sales are well situated with the Product Features and is complete.
  • Prepare amendments to existing documentation including API documentation, Feature Matrices, Support Runbooks, etc
  • Demonstrate fully the function of the product at all times, including known bugs.
  • Build complete knowledge of the codebase, and be able to identify and review code.
  • Gather a brief from internal customers/Product Managers as to the feature set needed
  • Develop detailed requirements from brief
  • Besides preparing User Stories with the fidelity and details required by Dev and QA teams, prepare a schedule for delivery of User Stories and Epic
  • Schedule meetings with Architects and Senior Engineers and prepare Architecture, API and Database structures as required for the development
  • Schedule meetings with Devs, QA, Product Managers and Customers and prepare the Acceptance Criteria for each User Story
  • Work with QA to determine Test Cases, Test Suite, Smoke Test, Regression Test, etc required for the delivery. Along with that, work with the Engineering team to prepare a task list for each Story and independent Tasks.
  • Survey of the existing assets (code, documentation, etc) and ensuring that all tasks related to the feature are outlined
  • Timely and frequent review of outputs of Developers
  • Manage Dev-to-QA-to-Production pipeline and handoffs
  • Prepare and conduct interim and final Demos to stakeholders and senior management
  • Prepare for tradeshows
  • Work with Devs, QA, Product Managers and Customers to refine the schedule, identify risks and bring it to the attention of stakeholders on a daily basis
  • Communicate with stakeholders and bring clarity to uncertainties and propose methods, features, etc to resolve it
  • Raise issues with delivery schedules, raise and escalate any dependencies with various stakeholders daily
  • CTC: 15 Lakhs Per Annum
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Please record a 5 - 10 minute long video, in English, on the following questions

  1. What do you think about shoulder time as specified in the job description?
  2. How to demo a new feature of a product? What are the key things that need to be covered in demos? How do you prepare for a demo?
  3. What are the steps to develop a new feature in an existing product? What things do we need to take care of?
  4. Why are you a good fit for this position?
  5. How can you contribute to this Position if you were hired?
  6. Have you gone through the Alokin Website? Facebook Page?

Upload the video in your google drive and share the link with us when applying (provide “Anyone with the link” sharing permissions)

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